Features and Applications of Teacher Messaging Platform: All We Should Know


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Gone are the days, when parents-teacher meeting was the sole communication link to discuss the progress of the children. The World has become hi-tech, and so are our academic institutions. Today, you can always be informed from the attendance record of your child to the teacher’s remarks on his/her test marks. Thanks to the teacher messaging platform that has made the communication between the teachers, parents and students so easy, handy and instant.


Let us know the features and benefits of the teacher messaging platform:

# Fast and easy

Any application which is made for teacher messaging platform can be signed up within minutes and after this, whether it is an entire class or individual parents, they can be reached in seconds with the messages.

# Secure

Teacher messaging apps stay highly secured and offer private way to send messages either to parents or students. In simpler words, all groups involved (teachers, parents and students) don’t need to share their phone numbers which can be problematic regarding privacy reasons. Furthermore, the latest security features of these messaging platforms allow teachers to control the addition or removal of any participants in groups.

# Solely for schools

These messaging platforms are specially designed for teachers, students and parents to stay engaged in school activities. It provides facility to make multiple school groups, two-way interactions with teachers and parents and one-way announcement by schools.


# Highly beneficial for teachers

With teacher messengers, the conveyance of any announcement/reminder from teachers to parents has become convenient and instant. It has greatly reduced the paperwork. Teacher messenger apps give facility of sending images, projects, assignments and notice directly to either teacher or parent. Additionally, it also allows teachers to interact with parents/students individually.

# Parents remain well-informed

With teacher messaging apps, parents become part of the school world of the kid. It not only keep parents informed of every activity going in school but also allows them to stay engaged and well-informed of the progress of the child.  Now, they don’t need to make any phone calls or browse school website for any information. All information is available at their fingertips. It also works as a reminder to the parents for any important information regarding school activity of the children.

# Conclusion

This is how, teacher messaging platform has made the communication among teachers, parents and students convenient and fast.

Importance of Using a School Parent Communication App in India


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Communication between schools and their children is turning out to be a lot easier with the new school phone apps that are available in the market these days. While the weekly school newsletter has been a tradition for numerous schools, most are now trying to cut down on their usage of paper and related printing costs in order to lessen their environmental impact.


One method of achieving this is by making use of the phone and the Internet more. Parents who have a smartphone, Android phone, iPhone or iPad, they can take advantage of a school phone app on their compatible gadgets. Since most of the parents spend lots of time using their mobile phones already, they find these school-parent communication apps convenient.

# Decreasing Paper Is Advantageous For Both the Environment and Parents

A dramatic reduction in paper newsletter publication can be seen with the usage of school phone apps. Families that still don’t have smartphones or other such devices, but have got access to the Internet, can receive school newsletters as well as other school information via email if their particular class provides email newsletters. There are no longer that many families that require hard copies of school associated notes and newsletters.

# School Phone Apps Improving the Communication amongst Family and School

When schools purchase simple school-parent communication app, it makes communication between schools and students families easier to expediently facilitate. Whether school necessities to send newsletters or notes to parents or they have to give parents emergency data (in regards to their kid being unwell or not having shown up for class), parents can be hastily informed so they can reply if necessary.

# Mobile Apps Are the Future of School Communications

School phone apps are going to be the essential school communication medium of the future. While schools find them to be a noteworthy aid to sending information to parents, parents are finding them an extreme way to receive updates on real-time basis resulting in quick action and greater involvement by parents. Updates can be sent, acknowledged and responded to in a more timely way.

With the rise in the parental use of smartphones, it’s a logical move for schools to take benefit of this technology and increase communication between schools and parents.

Some Famous Traditions which only made for Woman


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I have been listening it from when I have started understanding the meaning of girls life, oh sorry not girls Life It’s actually rules and regulation which Girls have to follow otherwise it’s called shameless girl. Or it does not end here, actually starting It is when you get married there are also a so many old traditions like keep fast, wearing sarees, putting vermillion on forehead, put bindi, wearing bangles, keep veil and etc. all these only for called Cultured bride and we follow these because all do can’t be against it.


Also, it’s sounds good but in the limit when its cross that can’t explain to you It can only women realize no one else. We live in Independent India. Are we living an independent life? Shouldn’t it time to stop? Read More

Take Good Care Of Newborns: New Parents Are Required To Know


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If you are about to become new parents, then they need to aware of the king to care to be given to the newborn as it is not the same as general people. It is something that requires proper attention, availability, awareness, and a lot. The caring regards to clothes, diapers, towels, bathing stuff as these are essential care ingredients for the newborn. Newborn babies have amazing abilities, so they need a complete dependency for getting care for feeding, warmth, and comfort. The parents must consult doctors, child specialists, physicians to know about the way to care a newborn. The expert’s advice may help the parents to give their child a good and healthy life. There are many things to know about this aspect if you want to know then click here and go for it……….Read more

Nutrition: An Important Thing to Implement Daily in Life


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Nutrition is crucial for every human being that is set according to the age and lifestyle of the person. However, when it comes to nutrition for children, there becomes a special consideration on it. Children and the newborns are required with the particular diet plan as they are on the stage of growth and development. Diet means a proper intake of food with elements like vitamins, minerals, proteins and much more.


Newborns are in need of a proper nutrition because the more they get, the more they will develop physically and mentally. There are set nutritional plans for them that are provided by the doctors, physicians and the child specialists. The parents should keep a good track of food that contains a good track of nutrition so that it helps the newborns to grow fruitfully. To read more in detail, click here and get to know important things about proper nutrition…….Read more

Newborns Are Required for Special Care


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This is a true thing that infants are needed for special care regarding health, growth and development which includes food at the most top level. For newborns, every mother has to get informed about what are the fundamental notions that are required for the baby. A mother needs to stay aware of the things that will go right for the baby with the precautionary aspects so that the external things do not harm the child.


Today, many specialists provide assistance for newborns to the mothers so that the children have a healthy growth and life ahead. Newborns are delicate and are required a good care altogether. Hence, there are many things to know about them to make them strong, healthy and wise. To know on this, click here and read all in detail……..Read more


Daughters Are Special!



Every parent wishes the best for their kids to have a good life, good future, good companions, good career and many things. What important goes with having kids, especially daughters is what they want for the daughters. The wishes come by as what is needed to make them aware of the world, importance of things, valuing money, dealing with people and situation, the societal gestures. The parents want to raise their daughters with utmost care and love—without any scolds, fear, and pressure. The parents always nurture a special bond with daughters because they stand-by with the parents at every stage of life keeping the respect and proud of them. Check a mother’s wishes for her daughters.


Motherhood Works with Open Senses—Mind, Eyes, Ears And Feel



A mother needs to stay attentive for the baby’s emotions, movements, actions, reactions and what not. From the level of the baby’s crawling to learning activities like—standing up, picking up things a mother keeps a keen check overall. However, there are often moments when babies try to do unwanted acts, which is why a mother always have to keep a track of everything thing that her baby does. So, how can be motherhood be a simple work? Check out what all a mother has to go through during motherhood.

Top Stomach Flattening Foods

Load your kitchen with lots of lean protein, fresh vegetables, and fruit, and whole grains, yogurts, nuts, apples to loosen your weight in a healthy way.


Regular exercising is seen as a way of building muscle and losing fat; however if a person wants to see real weight-loss results, it entirely matters on what you eat. Dropping pounds is not about depriving yourself of food; in fact, it is all about choosing right foods that satisfy without the calories. Revamping the diet is important to a person who wants to lose weight. For a clean start, add these lists of foods to daily rotation………Read more

Multitasking—an Important Weapon for All Mothers


Today let us discuss how multitasking is an important weapon for all the mothers—working or non-working ones- across the world. It is true that mother is the messenger of God as she somehow manages home, children, work, relations, and culture simultaneously.


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